Monday, August 23, 2010

What's up with Vampires?

(This is supposed to go under my Faith page, but I can't figure out how to get it there.  Until then, I'll leave it right hear because I really wanted to tell you about it!)

This summer the pastor at our church did a series called "Let's Talk About It."  They took suggestions on what tough issues Christians are faced with, and gave a message about each one of them.  Some of the topics included Hinduism vs. Christianity, can you be a Christian and be gay, what our real purpose is, marriage, and the last one was about Vampires.

I must say that I have not delved into the Twilight series at all...I had no clue of the plot, why people liked it, and really have no interest in watching or reading anything that has to do with vampires.  So, I didn't really think this message would appeal to me.  Well I thought it was just great, so I wanted to share what I learned from it.

First,  the pastor gave some background information.  Where the idea of vampires came from and why, and the story of Twilight.  In a nut shell, there's a girl named Bella who falls in love with a vampire named Edward and is continually trying to get him to sleep with her.  He knows that if he does, he will be tempted to bite her, which will kill her - somehow he has the willpower to always turns her down.

These books are geared toward young women and here are the two main concepts they teach that are untrue about girls, men, and relationships.
1)  It is natural for a young girl to want to sleep with her boyfriend.
This is not natural and young girls who read this are convinced that this is the next logical step to their relationship.  If they weren't considering it before, they are now wondering why they aren't feeling that way and figure they should want to go further. 
2)  Men have the ability to say 'no' repeatedly when tempted by a girl.
The characters in this story are constantly going to the edge without going all the way.  Some parents think the stories are great because Bella and Edward do not have pre-marital sex - really, it teaches kids that it's okay to do everything else, and it is easy to stop when it's getting to far.

The last part of the sermon was the most powerful.  Some parents think these stories are great because Edward is a "Christ-like" figure for Bella.  He is constantly saving her life and taking care of her.  In one of the books, Bella and Edward get married and Bella gets pregnant.  The baby inside of her is half vampire and half human, and is sucking the life from her.  Edward decides to bite Bella so she can become a vampire as well and they can live happily ever after.

Similarity between Jesus and Edward - blood.  Edward sucks the life from Bella in order to benefit himself.  Jesus shed his blood FOR us in order that we might have life =)  He also had the ability to become human and be a living sacrifice for us.  Very powerful.

There were so many other powerful things that were talked about, but these were the ones that stuck out to me.  He finished the sermon by saying that if you're going to allow your daughter to read these books and watch the movies, you need to commit to reading and watching them yourself so you can talk through the books with her.

I'm just super thankful for a church that addresses real issues and reaches out to the youth!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Current Diaper Count!

As many of you know, I haven't actually gotten to try out the cloth diapers yet because our baby isn't due until September 23.  We chose the Rumparooz G2, One-Size diaper and registered for 25 of them.  Along with the diapers, we also registered for 36 cloth wipes, one bottle of wipe spray, a small wet-bag, pail liner, and detergent.  So far we've gotten two diapers, (root beer and platinum colors), one package of detergent, and one bottle of wipe spray.  I am so excited that our collection has started, and I can't wait to have everything we need for when the baby comes.  It is really nice to get some of it from showers.  We will start with what's given to us and add to the collection as funds allow. =) 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Recommended Accessories

After deciding what style of cloth diapers you are going to purchase (or register for), you should look into the accessories that help the system run a lot smoother.  None of them are 100% necessary, and a lot of them you can make yourself or find a close alternative. 

Wet Bags
There has to be a designated spot for the dirty diaper before it's washed and there are a few options to choose from.  One is called a wet bag.  Wet bags can hang from a hook and store about 16-17 diapers.  They have a zipper on top where you put the diapers in.  Then, when you are ready to wash, take it off the hook, hold it over the washer, and unzip the bottom so they all fall out.  Throw the wet bag right in the wash as well and you are golden.  Wet bags come in a medium size (holds 8-9 diapers) and a small size (holds 1-2).  Most moms carry a small on in their diaper bag.  Several brands of diapers also make wet bags.  The price can range anywhere from $9.00-$30.00. 

Pail Liners
Pail liners do essentially the same job as wet bags, except you put them in a 13 gallon trash can instead of hanging it.  These are also designed to be thrown in the wash with the diapers.  These tend to be a little cheaper than the large wet bags, rangin from $5.00-$14.95.

Diaper Sprayer
We didn't register for one of these because I thought the water would spray everywhere.  I'd love to hear what other people think of them, though.  A diaper sprayer looks like a shower head that hook on to your toilet.  It is used to spray off a messy diaper into the toilet before putting it in a pail liner or wet bag.  BumGenius and Fuzzibunz make sprayers that cost about $40.  I'd heard that if you really want to try these, you should just buy a sprayer that you would use on your pet for about $10, and it works just the same. 

Diaper Liners
I talked about these in the Just What I've Been Looking For post.  They come in a roll and you rip them off to set in the lining of the diaper to catch and contain the mess.  Just flip the diaper upside down over the toilet and the whole liner comes out.  The best part - you flush them =)  I bought a roll of 200 GroVia liners for $10.

Other accessories include cloth wipes and spray for the wipes.  Those are explained in Wipes - Cloth or Disposable. 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wipes - Cloth or Disposable?

If you decide to use cloth diapers, you might find yourself wondering whether you should use cloth wipes, or stick to the disposable.  Before actually going to a store and talking to someone about the wipes, my husband and I assumed we would use disposable.  You can buy a box of 700 wipes for about $8, they are already moistened, and you just throw them away.  Easy peasy. 

So, after getting the tutorial on all the different diapers, I asked the lady, "You don't really use cloth wipes, do you?"  Sure enough, she does!  If you think about it, when you use are changing a disposable diaper, where do you put the wipes?  You fold them up with the diaper, right?  Everything stays together and you throw it away.  If you use a cloth diapers you wouldn't do that.  You'd have to remove the dirty diaper, clean up the baby, (and if you're like me, you use about 40 wipes ;) and then put on the new diaper.  After everything is taken care of, you'll probably need to clean off the dirty diaper into the toilet, and the used wipes need to be picked up and thrown in the trash. 

Here are the few reasons we chose to use cloth wipes. 
1.  My husband likes to go big or go home.  If we say we're doing cloth diapers, we should be advocates of cloth wipes for the same reasons =)
2.  Instead of throwing away the wipes and then putting the diaper in the wet bag (which will be explained in an upcoming post), you can throw the diaper and the wipes into the wetbag together and wash them all together. 
3.  Like I said earlier, I go through a LOT of wipes with a dirty diaper.  Partly why is because they are so thin and I'm not good at folding them over and using the other side.  Cloth wipes are more like a soft rag - much thicker.  For some reason I just feel like I'd use less of them.
4.  The overall cost of cloth wipes is relatively cheap.  Just like cloth diapers, it will cost more upfront, but overtime it will be cheaper.  A 12-pack of BumGenius flannel baby wipes costs $11.95.  We are going to start off with two packs - $24.  Even if we end up getting two more packs before the baby is potty-trained, we will only have spent $48.  That's equivalent to six boxes of disposable wipes.  I don't think that would get me through two years. 
5.  Finally, you can make your own cloth wipes!  Buy some flannel or some receiving blankets, cut them into wipe-size squares, and sew them back to back.  I haven't done that yet, but I'm planning on it. 

Only one more minor issue to clear up...don't the wipes need to be wet?  Indeed they do.  You can buy special spray for the wipes, or you can buy cubes to dissolve in water and put in your own spray bottle.  Applecheeks, Thirsties, and Happy Heiny's all make spray that costs between $6.50 and $16.00.  This is one of those times when I wish I could tell you from experience how long they last, but I plan on experimenting with lots of different products.  I've heard that you can make some yourself, too.  That's on the list of things for me to research.

Last thing, if you're traveling, put a handful of wipes and a little spray bottle in a container that looks just like the disposable boxes. That way you can keep it in your diaper bag and use them everywhere. =)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pocket Diapers

A Pocket Diaper is one that had a slit where you stuff an insert to absorb all the wetness.  They come in One-Size, Two-Size, and Perfect-Size.  All styles and brands are similar, but each of them has a unique feature.  The inserts vary in size, texture, and thickness.  Below are a few of the most popular Pocket Diapers and their special features.

Rumparooz - One-Size Diapers.  (See Newborn Diapers post for info about their "Lil' Joey" diapers.)
Price - Each diaper comes with a lifetime guarantee for the snaps and two inserts.  They are $23.95 for solid colors and $24.95 for prints. 
Claim to fame - Double Inner gusset.  This is an extra elastic liner that is designed to hold everything in.  Comes with two Microfiber 6•r soakers - One is thinner and contoured to fit a newborn.  The other is longer, thicker, and can be snapped to make three different lengths.  You can also snap them both together for overnight or for a heavy-wetter.  The bottom of the diaper can snap up to make four different sizes.  
Rump•a•rooz® Microfiber 6•r soakerRump•a•rooz®  G2 One-Size Diaper with Snaps

FuzziBunz - Come in One-Size and Perfect-Size.  They both look exactly the same, except the Perfect-Size diapers do not come with adjustable elastic for the legs.
Price - One-Size diapers come with an extra set of elastic and two inserts. They are $19.95.  Perfect-Size diapers come with one insert and are $13.95-$16.95.
Claim to Fame - One-Size diapers have adjustable elastic around the legs instead of snaps to fold up.  I don't have a diagram on how they work, but each leg has a strip of elastic that can be tightened and fastened based on the size of the baby's legs.
apple green
FuzziBunz Pocket all in one cloth diaper
Bum Genius - Come in One-Size - snaps or velcro.  They also make a Perfect-Size diaper that is not a pocket diaper.  The insert is sewn right right in.  (See New Find post to learn about the Bum Genius Flip diaper).
Price - One-Size diapers come with two inserts and cost $17.95.
Claim to Fame - The smaller (newborn) insert can be snapped to the larger insert.  The larger insert can snap down to become three different lengths.  Each diaper has a one-year warranty.  The bottom of the diaper can snap up to make four different sizes.
bumGenius 4.0 One-Size Cloth Diaper

Happy Heinys - Come in One-Size and Perfect-Size diapers - snaps or velcro.
Price - One-Size diapers come with two inserts.  Solid colors are $18.95 and prints are $19.95.  Perfect-Size diapers come with one insert and are $15.95.
Claim to Fame -  Inserts are made to last up to 12 hours at night for most babies.  The bottom of the diaper can snap up to make four different sizes. 
Happy Heinys One Size Pocket Diapers with Snaps
Well there you have it.  These are the most popular brands of Pocket Diapers.  Other brands include GroVia, Knickernappies, Katydid, and AppleCheeks  The companies I featured make other styles of diapers as well.  If you're getting serious about cloth diapers, I would highly recommend finding a store where you can see first-hand how each of them fasten, how soft they are, and what the inserts are like.    

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Diaper Covers

Question #2 - What styles of diaper covers are there and how many do I need?

In general, there are two styles of diaper covers...One-Size and Perfect-Size.  A One-Size diaper has several ways of adjusting to fit babies from 10-40 pounds.  A Perfect-Size diaper is specific to the weight of the baby.  For example, a newborn Perfect-Size diaper is for babies weighing 4-9 pounds.  If you buy One-Size, you will not need to buy any more sizes until your baby is potty-trained; however, the cover will probably not fit your newborn until he/she weighs about 10 lbs.  If you choose Perfect-Size covers, you will have to buy 2-3 different sizes before your baby is potty-trained, but they will be a little more snug and accurate.  The great thing about any cover is that you can use the same one a few times until it gets dirty.  (Less laundry!)  For the most part, the pre-folds are the only part of the diaper getting dirty.

Here are some examples of One-Size diaper covers.  Remember, all of the diapers need a pre-fold inside of them to soak up everything.  The cover is waterproof and helps keep everything contained.  If you choose to only use One-Size diaper covers, you will want about 6-15 covers, depending on how often you'd like to do laundry.
           Kissaluvs Marvels One Size Diaper Cover                  GroBaby Shell Set
               Kissaluvs Marvels                                   Grobaby Shell Set
                       $16.95                                                 $17.49-$19.47

Here are some some Perfect-Size diaper covers.  You will want about 6-10 covers per size.  It is best to start with about 6 size extra smalls to fit your newborn.  Then, when those are getting too tight, move up to the next size.  That way you will be able to experiment with how many covers you really need to last you a few days.  Most girls go through two different sizes before age 2, and boys go through 3 sizes.

          Thirsties Diaper Cover                    Bummis Super Brite Diaper Cover
                    Thirsties                                                      Bummis                 
                     $11.25                                                         $12.50                   

And of course there are a few diapers in their own category.  The following diapers are Two-Size Diapers.  The first size covers 6-18lbs, and the second covers 18-40 lbs.  You will probably want about 10 of each size.
          Thirsties Duo Wrap - SNAPS                   AppleCheeks™ 2-Size Envelope Cover

              Thirsties Duo-Wrap                                     Applecheeks
                  $12.75-$13.75                                               $19.00

I would start with 6-10 covers and 15-25 pre-folds.  With this supply, you would most likely be doing laundry every day for the few several weeks.  You can always add to your supply if you want to be able to go a few days without washing.    

Check out Back to the Basics:Pre-folds to learn how the pre-folds and covers work together.  Also check out New Find to learn about Hybrid diapers that consist of inserts (not pre-folds) and covers.

Back to the Basics: Pre-folds

After talking to some readers, I've realized that some of the things I'm talking about do not make sense if you are first starting to inquire about cloth diapers.  Trust me, when I first started researching, I had no idea what anything was.  My next few posts are my attempt to clear those things up for you, too!  Please comment and ask questions and I'll see what I can do to help.

Question #1....What is a pre-fold and how do you use it?

Prefold Cloth DiapersThese are pre-folds.  They are the same as burps clothes and come in numerous sizes to fit babies from newborn to potty-trained.  The middle is the thickest, most absorbent part.  This is the most economical way to cloth diaper because they are low in cost, can be used as burp clothes, and can be used as inserts in a pocket diaper.  (See Pocket Diapers post for more info).  One pre-fold costs between $1.50 and $2.50.

There are two common ways to fold a pre-fold.  The simpler way is is called the Newspaper Fold.
1.  Fold the outside rectangles over the middle to make a long rectangle.
2.  Place rectangle in the diaper cover. If the rectangle is too long for your baby, fold down the front and back to fit comfortably in the cover.  (Covers are explained in Diaper Covers post).
3.  Fasten cover just like a disposable.

The other way looks more like the "old-fashioned" idea you might have in your head - minus the pins =)  It is called the Angel Wings Fold.
1.  Start by folding into a long rectangle, but leave the top out for the wings.
2.  Place the wings under the baby.
3.  Pull the bottom up through the legs.
4.  Fasten with Snappi.
5.  Put on the cover.

The last step to this method is fastening with a Snappi.  As you can see below, each end of the Snappi has teeth that can hook anywhere into the diaper to hold it securely until you are ready to change it.  Start by hooking it into the left side of the diaper, pull across to secure the right, and then fasten bottom comb to make it a tight fit.  A 3-pack of Snappi's costs $7.50-$8.00.

However you decide to fold your pre-fold, you will need to put a waterproof cover over top of it.  The next post, Diaper Covers, will explain the purpose and the different types of covers.  It will also give suggestions as to how many pre-folds and covers you will need if you choose this route of cloth diapering.

Oh, and I'd like to thank my assistant Monkey...he did a great job =)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just What I've Been Looking For

I am just so excited to write about what I found at that store today!  I've been thinking about an easier way to take care of messy diapers.  You can get a shower head to hook to your toilet, but I feel like that will splatter everywhere...You can also just use a spatula (which is what we were planning on doing,) but it does sound a little weird.  While I was brainstorming, I said to myself, "Self, what if there was a liner on the inside surface of the diaper that I could unsnap and lift off the diaper in order to make clean up easier?"  I thought I was a pretty smart for thinking of that, but then if the snap was covered it'd be super gross to try and unsnap it.  Plus, it's just one more thing you need to wash.  So, today at the store I found exactly what I've been looking for.  I'm so glad someone invented it!  They are...biodegradable liners!  The texture is kind of a mix between a dryer sheet and toilet paper.  They're pretty sturdy - so it doesn't break when you pick it up or dump it off - but it's also very soft.  They come in a few different sizes and brands.  The ones I found were made by GroVia, Bummis, and Imse Vimse.

You simply rip a sheet off the roll and put it on top of the inside surface of the diaper.  Then, when the diaper needs changing, you peel off the liner, throw it into the toilet, and flush!  There might be a little excess mess that needs to be cleaned off the diaper itself, but it sure beats scraping/spraying it all off (in my opinion).

You can buy a roll of 100 sheets for $6-$12.  GroVia seems to be the best deal with the nicest texture.  I can't wait to actually speak from experience after trying these!

New Find!

So today I happened to come upon an adorable cloth diaper store downtown.  Even though we have already chosen Rumparooz One-Size Diapers, I just keep looking at every possibility, to make sure we picked the one that best suites us.  I've been looking into the hybrid diapers like GroVia and gdiapers because I like that they have biodegradable options.  But, like I stated in my previous post, that route is simply too expensive!

I've been thinking it would be easier if you didn't have to stuff the insert in to the pocket of diaper.  I know you can do this with pre-folds and covers, but that was not quite what I was looking for.  Today I found that GroVia makes a diaper that looks like a cover, but you snap the insert on top instead of putting it in a pocket.  It's basically like putting an already-folded pre-fold into a cover.  The snaps help it from moving around and getting bunched up.  One GroVia diaper (including the inserts) costs $24.95.  If you just buy the outer shell, it's $16.95, and one set of 2 inserts costs $16.95.  They aren't the cheapest diaper, but they are very easy to take care of. 

BumGenius also makes a similar diaper called the Flip.  It is almost exactly the same except it doesn't snap down to the cover.  It does have a small flap on both ends to put the insert under to help it stay in place.  They supposedly catch everything, so you don't have to wash the outer cover as frequently - definite plus!
bumGenius All-In-One Cloth Diaper Diagram

Aren't these such a great idea?!  Both of these diapers are a One-Size Diaper, which means they have several adjustable snaps (GroVia has velcro at the top), to adapt to your baby from birth to potty-trained.  

If anyone has tried these, I'd love to hear how you like them!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hybrid Diapers

The other day, a friend and I were in Babies R' Us, looking at how much regular disposable diapers cost.  Then I found biodegradable inserts and covers.  They were made by gdiapers.  Now, I am fully on board with cloth, but I had to check these "hybrid" diapers out.  They are similar to pre-folds because you buy tons of inserts and a good amount of covers.  The gdiapers covers are $16.99 for one, and they come in specific sizes.  They are slightly adjustable around the waist, but it is most like a diaper cover or a perfect size diaper - you have to buy multiple sizes to go from newborn to potty-trained. 

Then you have the biodegradable inserts.  They are very appealing because you can flush them, but they are not appealing to the wallet.  One bulk size of 128 medium inserts costs $52.  If a baby needs to be changed 10x/day, then a box of these refills will last approximately 13 days.  Therefore, you would need about 2 packages to get through each month, spending over $100 PER MONTH on just the refills!  Not to mention buying about 20-30 covers before they are potty trained.  

If your main concern is being earth-friendly, then by all means, use this style of diaper over the typical disposable.  But, if you are looking to be earth-friendly AND cost efficient, this isn't the best option.

gdiapers covers and refills 

great orange little gPants    med/lg gRefills (case)   

GroVia is another brand that makes hybrid/biodegradable liners.  Their costs are almost exactly the same.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Newborn Cloth Diapers

We registered for 20, One-Size Rumparooz diapers. We are not completely sure if we will be able to use them right away because they might cover up the baby's belly button, which needs to be exposed in order for the umbilical cord to fall off. However, the diapers are made to fit babies as little at 6 pounds, so once the cord does fall off they should fit perfect. If the umbilical cord is an issue with the Rumparooz, we will just buy a box of newborn disposables to use for the first week.

Many cloth diaper brands have a diaper designed for newborns and their cord. The Rumparooz brand is called a "Lil' Joey." Cute name huh?  Kissables is another brand that makes  newborn cloth diapers. We decided not to invest in any since we would only be using them for about a week. I have a friend who purchased 4 Kissables, so I can't wait to see how she likes them =)  Below is a picture of the Lil' Joey's.  The kissables look exactly like them, but I can't find a picture!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Diaper Details

I thought I would share what exactly the Rumparooz are like. They are actually made by Kangacare, which is a company that makes all sorts of diapers and accessories. Below, I've included the official description of the Rumparooz. They come in all sorts of colors and prints - I chose a few of my favorites to show you =) If you'd like to read more about the other products made by Kangacare, visit

The Rump•a•rooz® Onesize Cloth Diaper
has 4 sizes which are adjustable by the rise snaps on the front of the diaper. The Rump•a•rooz® is the first onesize diaper that starts fitting at 6 lbs, no more waiting for your newborn to put on a few pounds before wearing cloth diapers! Available in both Snap and Aplix (Velcro) closure, the Rump•a•rooz® are a pocket diaper system. Each diaper comes with a "6•r soaker" which has 6 absorbency and size setting to best customize the fit and function of the Rumparooz for your child. The 6•r soaker is inserted in the pocket opening on the inside of the Rump•a•rooz® to make the diaper absorbent. The Rump•a•rooz® diaper itself is made of a PUL (1000 thread count polyester interlock knit with a urethane laminate) which is waterproof. The inside of the diaper, which lies against baby's skin, is a scrumptiously soft microchamois which is 100% hypo-allergenic and no-pill.

crimsonroot beer
lux whale tale
Recycle... Reduce... Reuse... Rump•a•rooz®
*NEW* G2 Design!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


When we got to the store, I told the lady that we were really leaning toward FuzziBunz, but wanted to see other One-Size diapers as well. She showed us a brand called Rumparooz. I had seen the name online before, but never looked into them. Turns out, those are the ones we liked the best! They are almost exactly the same as FuzziBunz, but they have a different way of snapping that allows you to fold up the diaper to fit them better when they are smaller. We also liked their inserts better. The smaller insert is contoured for a more comfortable fit for newborns, and the larger insert covers the whole entire diaper and is much more absorbent. They also make it so you can snap the two inserts together for more protection if they are a heavy wetter. And finally, the part my husband loved the most, is the double gusset inside the diaper. This is designed to hold everything in and make the clean up a lot easier.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cloth Diaper Winners

After months of research, we have chosen a cloth diaper! My husband and I went to a small cloth diaper store where the owner gave us a hands-on tutorial on all of the different diapers. Before going there, I read all about the different types of cloth diapers - All in One's, Prefolds, Fitted, One-Size, etc. I was pretty overwhelmed when I started because all I knew was that they were more eco-friendly and supposedly a money saver. While we are looking to save money, we are also looking for an easy option. We have had a lot of people try to discourage us from using cloth and we knew that if we were going to do it, we were going to do it the convenient way. Yes, you can save more money upfront with certain styles such as pre-folds and covers, but we are looking for the long-term, multi-kid savings.

We decided that the One-Size diaper would probably be the best fit for us. It has several combinations of ways to fasten the diaper to the size of your newborn all the way up until they are potty trained. By not buying several sizes, we would only have to get a total of about 20 diapers as opposed to 20 diapers of 2-3 different sizes. I mostly researched Happy Heinys, BumGenius, Smartipants and FuzziBunz. I read a lot of reviews that said any type of velcro did not last near as long as snaps. I liked FuzziBunz the best because of the way they snapped, the adjustable elastic in the legs, and the overall, positive reviews.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Getting Started

Hi friends! I am an expectant, first-time mom ready for an exciting adventure! The goal of this little experiment is to blog about my attempts to make all of my own (healthy) baby food and use cloth diapers. Most people think I'm crazy, but my husband and I are ready to give it a shot =) Follow along for advice, encouragement, and lots of laughs!