Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Diaper Covers

Question #2 - What styles of diaper covers are there and how many do I need?

In general, there are two styles of diaper covers...One-Size and Perfect-Size.  A One-Size diaper has several ways of adjusting to fit babies from 10-40 pounds.  A Perfect-Size diaper is specific to the weight of the baby.  For example, a newborn Perfect-Size diaper is for babies weighing 4-9 pounds.  If you buy One-Size, you will not need to buy any more sizes until your baby is potty-trained; however, the cover will probably not fit your newborn until he/she weighs about 10 lbs.  If you choose Perfect-Size covers, you will have to buy 2-3 different sizes before your baby is potty-trained, but they will be a little more snug and accurate.  The great thing about any cover is that you can use the same one a few times until it gets dirty.  (Less laundry!)  For the most part, the pre-folds are the only part of the diaper getting dirty.

Here are some examples of One-Size diaper covers.  Remember, all of the diapers need a pre-fold inside of them to soak up everything.  The cover is waterproof and helps keep everything contained.  If you choose to only use One-Size diaper covers, you will want about 6-15 covers, depending on how often you'd like to do laundry.
           Kissaluvs Marvels One Size Diaper Cover                  GroBaby Shell Set
               Kissaluvs Marvels                                   Grobaby Shell Set
                       $16.95                                                 $17.49-$19.47

Here are some some Perfect-Size diaper covers.  You will want about 6-10 covers per size.  It is best to start with about 6 size extra smalls to fit your newborn.  Then, when those are getting too tight, move up to the next size.  That way you will be able to experiment with how many covers you really need to last you a few days.  Most girls go through two different sizes before age 2, and boys go through 3 sizes.

          Thirsties Diaper Cover                    Bummis Super Brite Diaper Cover
                    Thirsties                                                      Bummis                 
                     $11.25                                                         $12.50                   

And of course there are a few diapers in their own category.  The following diapers are Two-Size Diapers.  The first size covers 6-18lbs, and the second covers 18-40 lbs.  You will probably want about 10 of each size.
          Thirsties Duo Wrap - SNAPS                   AppleCheeks™ 2-Size Envelope Cover

              Thirsties Duo-Wrap                                     Applecheeks
                  $12.75-$13.75                                               $19.00

I would start with 6-10 covers and 15-25 pre-folds.  With this supply, you would most likely be doing laundry every day for the few several weeks.  You can always add to your supply if you want to be able to go a few days without washing.    

Check out Back to the Basics:Pre-folds to learn how the pre-folds and covers work together.  Also check out New Find to learn about Hybrid diapers that consist of inserts (not pre-folds) and covers.

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