Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cloth Diaper Winners

After months of research, we have chosen a cloth diaper! My husband and I went to a small cloth diaper store where the owner gave us a hands-on tutorial on all of the different diapers. Before going there, I read all about the different types of cloth diapers - All in One's, Prefolds, Fitted, One-Size, etc. I was pretty overwhelmed when I started because all I knew was that they were more eco-friendly and supposedly a money saver. While we are looking to save money, we are also looking for an easy option. We have had a lot of people try to discourage us from using cloth and we knew that if we were going to do it, we were going to do it the convenient way. Yes, you can save more money upfront with certain styles such as pre-folds and covers, but we are looking for the long-term, multi-kid savings.

We decided that the One-Size diaper would probably be the best fit for us. It has several combinations of ways to fasten the diaper to the size of your newborn all the way up until they are potty trained. By not buying several sizes, we would only have to get a total of about 20 diapers as opposed to 20 diapers of 2-3 different sizes. I mostly researched Happy Heinys, BumGenius, Smartipants and FuzziBunz. I read a lot of reviews that said any type of velcro did not last near as long as snaps. I liked FuzziBunz the best because of the way they snapped, the adjustable elastic in the legs, and the overall, positive reviews.

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