Thursday, July 8, 2010


When we got to the store, I told the lady that we were really leaning toward FuzziBunz, but wanted to see other One-Size diapers as well. She showed us a brand called Rumparooz. I had seen the name online before, but never looked into them. Turns out, those are the ones we liked the best! They are almost exactly the same as FuzziBunz, but they have a different way of snapping that allows you to fold up the diaper to fit them better when they are smaller. We also liked their inserts better. The smaller insert is contoured for a more comfortable fit for newborns, and the larger insert covers the whole entire diaper and is much more absorbent. They also make it so you can snap the two inserts together for more protection if they are a heavy wetter. And finally, the part my husband loved the most, is the double gusset inside the diaper. This is designed to hold everything in and make the clean up a lot easier.


  1. The double "gusset" :) is a very nice feature. We have chosen fuzzibunz, kissables, and thirsties for our first group. We will see what we like best. lets do some trading to see if one works better for you your little one or mine :) what a fun time for us!

  2. Yeah Joei! I can't wait to compare notes!